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Tunnel End Cap Pair

Tunnel End Cap Pair

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Our End Cap for 600mm diameter Agility Tunnels & 800mm Hooper Tunnels have been specifically designed to neatly fit over the end of the tunnels . The End Caps prevent rain, debris as well as wild animals and insects from entering tunnels. They prevent insects/animals from making a cosy home in the tunnel.

The benefits of using End Caps include:

  • Keeps your tunnel clean & dry
  • Tunnel is instantly ready for use
  • Easy to fit using belt and buckle system
  • Closes off tunnels to practice on other equipment
  • Made from strong heavy duty PVC material
  • Available in a range of colours

End Caps close off the entrance to the tunnel, enabling you to focus training on any other agility equipment without the need to put the tunnel away.

The End Caps are sold in pairs and come with a belt and buckle system which is easily fitted over the tunnel end ring and tightened securely.

The caps are manufactured in our factory to the same high standard as our Agility Tunnels and Sand Bags.

With any of our tunnels dogs must be supervised at all times.

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