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I live outside the UK, can I still order your products?

Yes, but unfortunately not through the website. Due to the excessive shipping costs, we advise you to contact us by email with your exact requirements (costs are based on weight & volume) and your delivery address, we will then get back to you with shipping costs.

How long will delivery be?

All our tunnels are made to order with up to a 45 working day lead time. However, at times this may be as low at 10 working days.

What is the best way to fill the tunnel bags?

Use a 4 pint ‘milk’ bottle with either water or sand to place in each of the pockets for our straps suitable for 600mm and 800mm diameter tunnels. This keeps the inside of the pockets clean. We recommend a maximum of 10kg in each pocket – overfilling will cause damage.

For our puppy straps we recommend a maximum of 1kg in each pocket.

I'm collecting my order, when will I know it's ready?

We will email once your order is complete and ready for you to make arrangements to collect.

How will I know when my order is being delivered?

You will receive an email from our courier when collection from our site has been arranged. This will show tracking information.

What are your tunnels made of?

Heavy duty double sided PVC coated polyester material.

What is the standard diameter of your agility tunnels?

Agility tunnels for competition are 600mm Ø – other sizes are for non-competition/fun.

What are the lengths of your agility tunnels?

1M to 6M long dependent on the weight/diameter of the tunnel chosen.

What determines the weight of the tunnel?

The diameter of the spring wire helix used to support the tunnel.

How are the spring wire coils protected?

A thick PVC scuff strip is heat bonded on the medium and heavy weight tunnels, or sewn on the light weight puppy tunnels.

Can tunnels be stored easily?

They can be concertinaed down for storage.

Are your tunnels waterproof & easy to clean?

Our tunnels are made from heavy duty PVC which is water proof and easy clean.

What is the non-slip material used in your NON-SLIP+ tunnels?

A heavy duty double sided PVC material with an embossed surface to one side which goes on the inside of the tunnel. It is not applied as a secondary operation

Can the NON-SLIP+ material still be slippery when wet?

Yes, whilst our new NON-SLIP+ material is highly textured and offers significantly more grip surface over other tunnels, care should always be taken when in use.

If you have any more questions, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to answer