Our range of tunnels

Introducing Our Dog Training Tunnel Collection

Discover the versatility and quality of our amateur and professional dog agility tunnels crafted with heavy-duty (610gsm) PVC in a range of vibrant colours. These tunnels can be customised in lengths from 1M to 6M.

You can choose from two different sizes of spring wire, offering varying tunnel weights: medium and heavy-duty. To ensure durability, our spring wire coils are safeguarded by a thick PVC scuff strip extrusion, which is heat bonded for medium or heavy-duty tunnels. Enclosed end rings at both ends keep the tunnel open during use.

Our dog training tunnels are designed to concertina down, making storage easy. They are not only waterproof but also easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We offer an extensive range of PVC materials in various colours.

Our NON-SLIP+ agility tunnels are constructed using a new highly textured material.  This material is a double-sided PVC, and our tunnels are designed so that the heavily embossed side of the material is on the inside of the tunnel.  This offers significantly more grip as the dogs run through at speed.  However, please note that when used outside and exposed to moisture/water, the PVC material could become slightly slippery, so supervision is required at all times.

We prioritise the safety of your furry friends, and therefore, we always advise supervising dogs while using our dog training tunnels.