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Medium Weight Full NON-SLIP+ Agility Tunnel

Medium Weight Full NON-SLIP+ Agility Tunnel

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Medium Weight Full NON-SLIP+ Agility Tunnel

Our 600mm diameter welded medium weight full NON-SLIP+ agility tunnel is flexible, waterproof and durable so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The tunnel is only available in single colour choice of yellow or light blue. Because of the construction the tunnel can be concertinaed down for easy storage. They have heavy weight end rings at each end for opening.

The tunnel is formed by a spring steel wire coil. The coil is welded in place and totally enclosed by a thick pvc extrusion which is available in black.

Our new NON-SLIP+ PVC double sided high tenacity polyester woven fabric.  The special rough embossed pattern of the NON-SLIP+ offers a greater grip inside the tunnel for all high speed agility applications. Although our non-slip+ material has a deeper emboss, care should still be taken if used outside in damp/wet conditions as it is a PVC material and could become slippy.

With any of our tunnels dogs must be supervised at all times.

Medium weight tunnels can be used at home or for small clubs where you have a few dogs.

Sand bag straps are available but are sold separately.

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