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Standard Adjustable Tunnel Bag

Standard Adjustable Tunnel Bag

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Basic Adjustable Tunnel Bag with velcro pockets

Our adjustable sand bag strap is a 2 piece item that is sold as a single unit and comes complete with a velcro pocket at each end. Available in a large variety of colours.

All our waterproof straps come in two pieces. This makes them easier, and less heavy to move around once filled. They can then be fastened together with the Velcro to the desired length once over the tunnel.

The pockets are large enough to hold a 4 pint bottle, or similar, which can be filled with either water or sand to act as a weight. We recommend a maximum of 10kg in each pocket – overfilling will cause damage.

The Tunnel Bag is waterproof. Secure your tunnel in position and they sit on ground flat either side of the tunnel.

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